CIPL Travel grants

Período de candidatura a bolsas é de 1 de março a 15 de maio

CIPL Travel grants

Dear colleague,

As you know, CIPL makes travel grants available twice a year for advanced students without a PhD who want to give a presentation at an international conference abroad. The grant is € 500.00.

During the Covid period, the number of applications was relatively low, as many conferences were held online. Now that most conferences are taking place live again, the number of requests is increasing enormously. Conference organizers have also approached us to ask if they can point their participants to our travel grant program. For that reason we have decided to expand the program slightly. Unfortunately much less than we had hoped, but CIPL’s budget, as you know, is limited.

Until now, a maximum of three grants have been made available. Now this number has increased to five. Two of these grants are explicitly intended for advanced students who want to give a presentation at a conference organized by one of the member organizations of CIPL.

The other three scholarships can be awarded to participants of any international conference who meet the conditions for award.

A committee consisting of Prof. Eno-Abasi Urua, Prof. Jacques Moeschler and Prof. Frederic Newmeyer (chair) will assess the applications.

The application period for grants for conferences taking place in the second half of this year is from 1 March to 15 May. Further information about the scholarships and the application procedure can be found at

We would appreciate it if you could bring the travel grant program to the attention of the members of your organization, including highlighting the possibility that grants are available for international conferences organized by your own association or by other CIPL member organizations.

With all best wishes,

Also on behalf of Prof. Frieda Steurs,

Camiel Hamans,

Associates Secretary General

Publicado: 6/3/23


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